An editorial Analyst is the voice of every individual and every individual without an analyst should be considered as a man without a backbone.

Mr VISHAL PARIHAR is just like this kind of person. He is a good Editorial Analyst who expresses an opinion in a balanced way which is subtle enough to appeal to the good sense of knowledge and being mindful of the facts.

His creative interest area indicates a focus on being original, imaginative, working with artistic method, influencing, motivating other people.

As an Editorial Analyst, he possesses some specific qualities. As a creative, curious and knowledgeable in a broad range of topics and attention-grabbing head thoughts. He decides certain theories which are ethical and enough to understand just like good judgement. Working as an Analyst, he has tact and the ability to guide and encourage him in his work. As a partner, he always makes a student feel challenged, enthusiastic and valuable.

Mr PARIHAR’s dedication, personality, outlook and positive self- identity finally makes him an excellent Editorial Analyst.

On 5th Sept 2019, Mr PARIHAR was awarded “BEST ANALYST in the EDITORIAL CATEGORY.

Overall, he is not only an Editorial Analyst but also an Architect, Logician, Commander and a Great Debater. As a critical thinker, his thinking trait makes him exacting and lets him apply his minds to almost anything with his imagination and always able to identify the missing pieces or gaps in logic.

A great salute to him!!!

Edussory Solutions is an initiative started by Vishal sir to help competitive exams aspirants with their preparations. This platform will provide the required material and guidance to crack the exam with good scores.