BANKER 2022 consists of 15 e-books that have four sections Reading Ability, Verbal Ability, Grammar Ability, and Descriptive Writing. Under the Reading ability section, you will find Reading Comprehension, Re-Arrangement of Sentences, Cloze Test, Sentence Connectors or Starters, Paragraph Completion or Fillers, Inference, Odd one out. The Verbal ability section is mainly comprised of Brainy fillers, Match the Column, Idioms & Phrases, Vocabulary, Antonyms & Synonyms based exercise. To enhance your English Grammar there is this section called grammar ability wherein you will find more than 1000 Common Error Questions based on the current scenario of competitive examinations. The descriptive writing section will help you enhance your knowledge in the writing domain which is comprised of exclusive current topic Essays, Precis, and Letter. The aim of this book is to help students learn and understand the new pattern and various varieties of questions. It will also help them to maximize their scores in the competitive examinations of Officer level, Clerical level, and more such exams. If you are targeting any exam in the year 2022 these e-books are a one-stop solution to it. These e-books will make you confident in answering each question in the English section with utmost accuracy. Whether you are weak, average, or strong in the English section these e-books will be an add-on in your preparation. Solve and Crack your dream to 2022.


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