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Meet Vishal Parihar

Like any other person, I too was very excited for my birthday and was framing plans as the day approached. I was having tête-à-tête with my mother when my father heard about my plans. My father who has always been my role model and a loadstar for many like me took me for a walk with him. Being so much busy, I get so less time to spend with my father. Hence, I could not refrain myself and went to a nearby park. While walking my father brought back all my memories of struggle, the importance of dedication, perseverance and belief in yourself. He always makes us realize there is nothing petty or big task, it is how you look at it. Though I try to shoulder my responsibilities with the full potential yet that was aligned for only my family, friends and students so far. But my father asked don’t you think you owe to society as well, you are also obligated to people around you.

That made me stand still and realize what an important feedback my father gave to me and gave me one more reason to have faith in him unconditionally. I returned and was brainstorming thoroughly about what my father told me and what was the hidden message in it. I wanted to make my father proud and I always try to do so in different forms. This time it was my birthday that needed to be utilised for social cause. And in this process of pondering, when I slept God knows.

On my way to the office, I used to notice a garbage guy busy with his work and doing it dedicatedly. He arranged and cleaned the garbage storehouse in the morning but it again went in its ugly state before the day ends. He again cleans it next day and people again repeat their habit of littering around. I thought in my mind people do understand that health is important and spend lots of money in case of any health-related issues but don’t pay much attention to cleanliness.​

I thought, is the cleanliness of one’s home only important, what about the society, and what is for the one who cleans the dirt of others incessantly?​

Then the day came, and it was my birthday, I along with my brother after taking my parents blessing was heading towards the nearby temple but in between, I again saw that guy, this time I could not hold my feet and went at that place. I asked him about his well-being and asked about the problem he faces. he was so humble and was not at all criticising the nature of the job but people’s mindset for this work. He did not complain of his fate of doing that work but was not happy about the behaviour and treatment of people towards him. While talking I also got engaged with his work and lent my hand in his work. While I was trying to help him and understand his concern, I did experience the trouble makers myself, who bully these workers.​

My brother sought my permission to make a video as I am not much into publicity but to spread awareness you have to embrace the technology. Once we finished talking, I requested them to let me celebrate my birthday with them, he agreed happily. I told him to get fresh while I went to bring cake and gifts for them. I went to his house celebrated my birthday with his family, the moment will last forever in my mind when I was handing over the small gift to them, one of them got emotional and said: “I wish everyone could understand that we too are humans”. That literally moved me and I could not control myself hugging him. I came home and was really contented and it was then I share video that will certainly bring some changes among those who are in my circle. I made that video and due to that, I could not answer any of my friends, relatives and students and even could not reply to them. Once I posted my video, I apologised for all of them and sought everyone’s blessing and wishes.

When my father came to know about it, he was so proud and he told that you justified not only your name “Vishal” but also “Ujala”. And those words were like the most important and nearest to my heart.


Along with other work, cleanliness should be our priority as well as cleanliness is godliness.

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  2. SC sahoo

    good job sir.. i am from odisha…. i always see your Hindu Editorial in the morning.


    Wah sir great work
    Ram ram sir
    Mai bhi hona chahta ho social worker aap jod kar

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