Daily Vocab Quiz-16-SEP-2020

In the following question, out of the five alternatives, select the word same in meaning to the given word.

1. Ebb

(a) Recede
(b) Dispel
(c) Leap
(d) Scented
(e) Churlish

2. Dabble

(a) Spatter
(b) Facile
(c)  Convoke
(d) Audacious
(e) Placidity

3. Daffy

(a) Salyer
(b) Goofy
(c) Garner
(d) Dispenser
(e) Confidant

4. Cajole

(a) Courtship
(b) Secrete
(c) Beguile
(d) Fabricate
(e) Barricade

5. Cadaverous

(a) Phony
(b) Synod
(c) Courtly
(d) Deathlike
(e) Urbane


1. Sol. The correct answer is: A
Ebb means the movement of the tide out to sea.
Recede means go or move back or further away from a previous position.
Dispel means make (a doubt, feeling, or belief) disappear.
Leap means jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.
Scented means having a pleasant scent.
Churlish means rude in a mean-spirited and surly way.

2. Sol. The correct answer is: A
Dabble means immerse (one’s hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently.
Spatter means cover with drops or spots of something.
Facile means easily achieved; effortless.
Convoke means call together or summon (an assembly or meeting).
Audacious means showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
Placidity means pleasantly calm or peaceful

3. Sol. The correct answer is: B
Salyer means someone who kills a person or animal in a violent way.
Goofy means foolish or harmlessly eccentric.
Garner means gather or collect
Dispenser means a person or thing that dispenses something.
Confidant means a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter

4. Sol. The correct answer is: C
Courtship means behaviour designed to persuade someone
Secrete means produce and discharge
Beguile means charm or enchant
Fabricate means invent in order to deceive
Barricade means shut (someone) into a place by blocking all the entrances

5. Sol. The correct answer is: D
Phony means not real or genuine
Synod means a council of a church
Courtly means very polite or refined
Deathlike means deathly dead
Urbane means courteous and refined in manner.

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