Daily Vocab Quiz-19-SEP-2020

In the following question, out of the five alternatives, select the word same in meaning to the given word.


a) Grip
b) Commute
c) Clemency
d) Acquittal


a) Glut
c) Satiated


a) Edifice
b) Prefabrication
c) Bashing
d) Contour


a) celebrity
b) common man
c) category
d) pleasant


a) Frontier
b) Obscure
c) Remote
d) Adjacent


1. Sol. The Correct Answer is Grip
Clasp means grasp
Grip means grasp tightly
Commute means drive
Clemency means mercy
Acquittal means a judgement or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime

2. Sol. The Correct Answer is Starved
means extremely hungry.
Glut means supply or fill to excess.
Jaded means bored or lacking enthusiasm
Satiated means end of desire to eat after a meal
Starved means suffer or die or cause to suffer or die from hunger.

3, Sol. The Correct Answer is Bashing
Thrashing means a beating.
Edifice means imposing building.
Prefabrication means the practice of assembling components
Bashing means violent physical assault.
Contour means an outline

4. Sol. The Correct Answer is Category.
Genre means a style or category
Celebrity means a famous person
Common man means ordinary people
Category means a class or division of people or things
Pleasant means giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.

5. Sol. The Correct Answer is Adjacent
Proximal means situated nearer to the centre of the body or the point of attachment
Frontier means a line or border separating two countries
Obscure means not discovered or known about; uncertain
Remote means situated far from the main centres of population
Adjacent means next to or adjoining something else.

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