Daily Vocab Quiz-21-SEP-2020

In the following question, out of the five alternatives, select the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. Absorbed

(a) Delude
(c) Arid
(d) Testy
(e) Prudish

2. Obscure

(a) Vivid
(b) Choleric
(c) Churlish
(d) Stipulation
(e) Convention

3. Ludicrous

(a) Censorious
(b) Rational
(c) Succour
(d) Beneficial
(e) Circumvent

4. Idiocy

(a) Cosy
(b) Guile
(c) Wisdom
(d) Timid
(e) Quiet

5. Ampleness

(a) Mellifluent
(b) Honeyed
(c) Humbug
(d) Bareness
(e) Concordance


1. Sol. The correct answer is: B
Delude means make (someone) believe something that is not true.
Disgorged means pour (something) out.
Arid means dry
Testy means easily irritated; impatient and somewhat bad-tempered.
Prudish means easily shocked by rude things

2. Sol. The correct answer is: A
Obscure means not discovered or known about; uncertain.
Vivid means producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
Choleric means bad-tempered or irritable.
Churlish means rude in a mean-spirited and surly way.
Stipulation means a condition or requirement that is specified or demanded as part of an agreement.
Convention means a way in which something is usually done.

3. Sol. The correct answer is: D
Ludicrous means so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.
Censorious means severely critical of others.
Rational means based on or in accordance with reason or logic.
Succour means assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.
Beneficial means resulting in good; favourable or advantageous.
Circumvent means find a way around (an obstacle).

4. Sol. The correct answer is: C
Idiocy means extremely stupid behaviour.
Cosy means giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
Guile means sly or cunning intelligence.
Timid means showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily frightened.

5. Sol. The correct answer is: D
Ampleness means the property of being more than sufficient; comfortable sufficiency
Mellifluent means pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.
Honeyed means soothing, soft, and intended to please.
Humbug means deceptive or false talk or behaviour.
Bareness means the quality or state of being empty
Concordance means harmony

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