Error Detection for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS PO/Clerk, LIC, & other exams

Directions (1-5): There are three sentences given in the following question. Find the sentence(s) which is/are grammatically correct and contextually meaningful and then mark your answer choosing the best possible alternative among the five options given below each question. If all sentences are correct, choose option (e) i.e., “All are correct” as your answer.


(I)If we had Dhoni in our team, we would have easily won all the matches against Australia.

(II)A place ruled by Nawabs, who were fond of food, ought to have people who love food equally.

(III)Her latest project is a film based on the life of a 19th-century music hall star.

(a)Only (I)

(b)Only (II)

(c)Both (II) and (III)

(d)Both (I) and (III)

(e)All are correct



(I)It was done in precisely the same way, as before, with the same result.

(II)Rakesh was with me up till now, so you should not rebuke him for getting late.

(III)She uses to work at least till ten O’ clock at night and then she goes to bed.

(a)Only (I)

(b)Only (III)

(c)Both (I) and (III)

(d)Both (II) and (III)

(e)All are correct



(I)Hyundai unveiled the Tucson facelift at the 2018 New York International Auto Show.

(II)This is, indeed, the first time in my life that I lie to my parents.

(III)Shopping online means you avoid the crowded supermarket aisles.

(a)Only (I)

(b)Both (I) and (III)

(c)Both (II) and (III)

(d)Both (I) and (II)

(e)All are correct


(I)It was tragic enough for him in all conscience, but he could see no farcical element.

(II)He was prepared to meet dazzling wonders of gems or priceless metal.

(III)It was an interesting book, full of fascinating insights into human relationships.

(a)Only (I)

(b)Only (II)

(c)Only (III)

(d)None is correct

(e)All are correct

(I)She had gone back to bed and fallen promptly into a pleasant sleep.

(II)His affable and wholesome nature makes those around him protective of him.

(III)It is appearing to me that he is conspiring against his friends and their families.

(a)Only (I)

(b)Only (III)

(c)Both (I) and (II)

(d)None is correct

(e)All are correct

S1. Ans. (c)

Sol. Both the sentences (II) and (III) are grammatically correct. However, there is an error in the first sentence. The expression “we had Dhoni” should be replaced by “we had had Dhoni” to make the sentence grammatically correct. It is to be noted that to express the unfulfilled wish, condition or desire of the past, Past Perfect Tense is used in the Conditional Clause. Hence option (c) is the correct choice.

S2. Ans. (a)

Sol. Among the given statements, only the first sentence is grammatically correct. There are certain grammatical mistakes in both the second and the third sentences. In the second sentence, the verb “was” should be replaced by “has been” as we use “Present Perfect” with “up till now”.

e.g.  He has been ill up till now.

I have stayed here up till now.

In the case of third sentence, the expression “uses to work” should be replaced by “works” as to describe about the present habit, Simple Present is used. It is to be noted that “used to” is used to describe the past habit, but we cannot refer the same with “uses to” for the present habit. Moreover, “used” always takes the to-infinitive and occurs only in the past tense.

Hence option (a) is the correct choice.

S3. Ans. (b)

Sol. Both the statements (I) and (III) are grammatically correct. However, there is an error in the second sentence. In the case of second sentence, replace “I lie” by “I have lied” as the verb following the expressions “this is the first time”, “it is the second time”, etc. should be in Present Perfect Tense.

e.g. It is the second time that you have come here.

Hence option (b) is the correct choice.

S4. Ans. (e)

Sol. All the given statements are grammatically correct. Hence option (e) is the correct choice.

S5. Ans. (c)

Sol. Both the statements (I) and (II) are grammatically correct. However, there is a grammatical error in the third sentence; the expression “It is appearing” should be replaced by “It appears” as when the word ‘appear” is used with the sense of “seem”, then the word “appear” is used in Simple Tense instead of Continuous Tense.

e.g. It appears that he will fail in his plan.

She appears to be dull.

Hence option (c) is the correct choice.

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