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IBPS PO English Preparation: Master the Language with Topic-Wise Tips and Expert Guidance

Cracking the English section of the IBPS PO exam requires a strategic approach and thorough practice. To help you ace this crucial section, we have compiled essential topic-wise tips and expert guidance from Mr. Vishal Parihar, a renowned educator who conducts The Hindu Editorial sessions on YouTube.

  1. Reading Comprehension:
  • Improve your reading skills by exploring topics like politics, economy, and philosophy.
  • Read the question before the passage to save time.
  • Practice two reading comprehension daily to increase reading speed.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers and watch Vishal Parihar sir’s The Hindu Editorial Session on YouTube.
  1. Cloze Test:
  • Read the sentence and substitute each option to find the correct one.
  • Use the right techniques to score easily in this 5-7 marks section.
  • If stuck, leave the question to save time for others.
  1. Sentence Correction:
  • Understand the basic idea of the passage and the connection between sentences.
  • Analyse options and find the first sentence for a linear direction.
  • Practice daily questions with Vishal Parihar sir on the Banking Wallah YouTube channel.
  1. Idioms, Word Meanings, and Phrasal Words:
  • Attend Vishal Parihar sir’s The Hindu Editorial session, which covers idioms, phrases, and phrasal verbs.
  • Improve grammar and vocabulary for word meanings.
  • Study topics like Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Active Passive Voice.
  1. Descriptive Questions:
  • Practice extensively to improve time management skills and solve questions efficiently.
  • Summarize articles in your own language to enhance language command.
  • Benefit from Vishal Parihar sir’s daily coverage of Essay, Precis, and Letter writing topics.
  • Focus on the Descriptive questions as a key part of your IBPS PO English preparation strategy.

In conclusion, a well-planned approach, consistent practice, and expert guidance from educators like Mr. Vishal Parihar can significantly improve your English language skills, setting you up for success in the IBPS PO exam. Follow these tips and embark on your journey to crack the English section with confidence.

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