Verb Quiz

Read each sentence, divided into five parts, to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. If there is no error in the sentence, choose no error.

1. RRACT runs two short-term courses viz Orientation Course(A)/ for students from engineering and science background (B)/ every summer however it may not held summer (C)/courses for budding scientists amid coronavirus outbreak. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol:C “May not hold” is the correct word.

2. “From 9:20 am for around 25 minutes(A)/ new customers were facing issues(B)/ logging in, all the customers who had logged in(C)/ didn’t had any issues,” it said(D)/ No error(E)

Sol:D “Didn’t have’ is the correct word.

3. The problem that our country(A)/ has and will face are the outcomes(B)/ of the disease which does not show(C)/ any sign of receding. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol:B  “Has will take its main verb separately i.e. “faced”.

4. Amid the coronavirus crisis, (A)/never before one human has (B)/ shown so much sympathy (C)/for another. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol:  B “Has” should be used before “one human”.

5. Health insurance acts as a shield to protect(A)/ your savings in case of unfortunate events (B)/like unexpected hospitalization and high medical costs and in times of coronavirus, (C)/just ponder why must you think of doing this. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: D “Must you” should be replaced with “you must”.

6. God demonstrates(A)/ His own love for us in this: (B)/ While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Ever in your life in the past, (C)/ Do you doubted the love of God? (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: D ‘Do you doubted’ should be replaced with “did you doubt”.

7. We would like to (A)/ help you, if you intent to execute(B)/ such lofty plans for the (C)/welfare of the society. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: B ‘Intent” should be replaced with “intend”.

8. Western Cape Premier Alan Winde(A)/ urged all residents to abide by the law(B)/ after unrest over food parcels and looting broked out (C)/in the province on Tuesday. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: C “Broked out” should be replaced with “broke out”.

9. As per the instructions(A)/ given by our (B)/ respected prime minister, (C)/citizens abode in their abided. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol:D  The places of  “Abode” and “abided” should be interchanged.

10. Medical emergencies(A)/ can rise anytime, (B)/ just like the current unexpected (C)/Coronavirus outbreak. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: B “Rise” should be replaced with “arise” as rise means to move from a lower place to higher place and arise means to come into being.

11. Due to changing lifestyles (A)/and increasing stress levels, (B)/ People can be got stressed and anxious due to (C)/various surprises that life can spring up. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: C  “Be” should be taken off and “got” should be changed to “get”.

12. Setting life goals is the(A)/ key contributor that drive you to achieve them. (B)/People usually strive for financial protection for the family, (C)/ loved ones and aim to invest adequately for future needs. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: B “Drive” should be replaced with “drives”.

13. Being financially prepared(A)/ and secured allowed you to manage(B)/ your savings and investments(C)/ for the future. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol:B  Since it is a general statement thus, past tense should not be used, thus “allowed” should be changed to “allows”.

14. As the lead agency charge with social support (A)/to the poor in terms of the Social Assistance Act, (B)/they have an important role to play in helping (C)/communities through this tremendously difficult time. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: A  “charge with” should be replaced with “charged with”.

15. This is something that is going to be taken(A)/ effort from all levels of the government (B)/and of society to solve. (C)/ Now is the time for kindness, empathy and generosity. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol: A “Going to be taken” should be replaced with “going to take”.

16. Cuomo said when asked about (A)/President Donald Trump’s Twitter assertion(B)/ that his administration will support governors, (C)/but they must be able to step up and get this proposal send as soon as possible. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. D  “Send” should be replaced with “sent”.

17. Our culture was already long in its grip(A)/ – the coronavirus lockdown has only(B)/ solidified its hold on us. The present scenario made(C)/ new art or entertainment to fade away the love for it. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. D “To fade away” should be “fade away”.

18. From takeaway coffees (A)/to McDonald’s cheeseburgers – we’ve rounded up(B)/ what Kiwis are most looking forward to do(C)/ when lockdown moves to level 3. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. C ‘Looking forward to’ doing should be used.

19. Forecasters are forced to adapt(A)/ by moving off the disrupted fashion(B)/ and design event calendar while increasing their(C)/ contact time with clients. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. A “Themselves” should be written after ‘adapt’.

20. I don’t think I’ve slept (A)/that long since I was a teenager. (B)/ “I have noticed a change in my mood since I got to the hotel(C)/ and I just wanted a bed to sleep. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. D “In” should be used after “sleep” because if noun Is used after an infinitive then appropriate preposition should follow the infinitive.

21. In the wake of Coronavirus, (A)/Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared(B)/ that K-12 students would not be returning back (C)/to classrooms this school year. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. C “back” should not be used after “returning”.

22. A Cambridge man (A)/was arrested after a Malden woman(B)/ caught the pair steal packages(C)/ from a Cambridge apartment. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. C “Steal” should be replaced with “stealing”.

23. Buffett and Munger have and(A)/ still doing excellent job of (B)/allowing their investment (C)/team to expand their horizons. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. A  “Have” should take its separate main verb after it i.e. “done”.

24. The Sensex closed(A)/ 59 points, or 0.19 percent up, (B)/ at 31,648, while you sleep(C)/ in the bed. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. C ‘sleep’ should be replaced with ‘were sleeping’.

25. Outlander delivered (A)/a character-centric episode with “Monsters and Heroes” (B)/ and How Outlander did a mistake with Brianna(C)/ is shown in the latest Episode. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. C “Did a mistake” should be changed to “made a mistake”.

26. A Maryland police department(A)/ said that they remember to warn(B)/ residents to save the passwords somewhere(C)/ before checking their mail five years ago. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. B ‘to warn’ should be replaced with ‘warning’.

27. My favourite projects(A)/ was discovering how many songs(B)/ were written and performed about the (C)/joys of a simple cup of hot steamed coffee. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. D “steamed” should be replaced with “steaming”.

28. Walking along (A)/the tight rope, all the medical flags on top(B)/ the medical institutions in distant(C)/ began to appear. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. A “while I was” should be used before ‘walking along the road.”

29. Several small business owners(A)/ in Chattanooga say they were refused(B)/ aid from the program and they worry about(C)/ the future of their businesses. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. B “refused” should be replaced with ‘denied’.

30. Indigenous soldiers went(A)/ to war for a country that (B)/would not let them (C)/to drink with their mates. (D)/ No Error(E)

Sol. D ‘to drink’ should be replaced with ‘drink’.

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