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Read each sentence, divided into five parts, to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. If there is no error in the sentence, choose no error.

1. It is not the kind of work-life balance (A)/they show in movies where (B)/a person sits days on end at their desk (C)/and still appreciates at home. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 1:D “Is still appreciated” is the correct statement.

2. Scientists is discovered (A)/bent-toed Gecko species in Cambodia(B)/ which is very unique in morphological characters(C)/ and mitochondrial DNA. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 2 :2 “Is discovered” should be replaced with “discovered”.

3. Researchers with the Smithsonian’s Global Health Program(A)/ have discovered six new coronaviruses(B)/ in bats in Myanmar—the first time these viruses (C)/have detected anywhere in the world. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 3: D “Been” should be written before “detected”.

4. Abdul Majed, the convicted killer(A)/ of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman(B)/ and his family members, who was hidden in Kolkata in West Bengal(C)/ for nearly 23 years, was hanged in Dhaka on Sunday. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 4:C “Hidden should be replaced with “hiding”.

5. Afridi told reporters in Kohat(A)/ that he was surprising by the comments of(B)/ Indian great Kapil and former IPL chairman, Rajeev Shukla(C)/ who outrightly dismissed Akhtar’s suggestion. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 5: B  “Surprising” should be replaced with “surprised.”

6. The Minister was also enquired(A)/ the workers about their health(B)/ and asked them to take all the precautionary measures(C)/ to fight coronavirus. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 6: A “Was enquired is incorrect and it should be “enquired”.

7. The federal government is offering(A)/ small businesses a lifeline in the form of loans(B)/ that can forgive(C)/ if they use the money for specified need. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 7: C That can forgive” should be replaced with “that can be forgiven”.

8. The lockdown may have(A)/ inconvenienced humans, but it has been proved to be a(B)/ blessing in disguise for the Wildlife animals(C)/ which are on the loose as humans stay locked up. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 8: B “been” should be taken off before ‘proved” as it got proved on its own, no one proved it.

9. The mystery cluster(A)/ of Covid-19 cases in Auckland linked(B)/ to the infection of 35 people is believing to be(C)/ a stag party which has raised concern. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 9:C Is believing” should be replaced with “is believed”.

10. Three officers have been died(A)/ after being infected with coronavirus amid concerns(B)/ that people who are black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) (C)/ may be ‘disproportionately likely’ to die or suffer severe symptoms. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 10: A “Have been died” should be replaced with “have died”.

11. Afridi is also questioned(A)/ the PCB and the Pakistan team management(B)/ for making the fitness of players a big issue(C)/ and taking good care of the players. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 11: A “is also questioned” should be replaced with “also questioned”.

12. Dr Ayache, 76, who worked(A)/ at the North Clacton Medical Group(B)/ and had been employed within the NHS in Essex (C)/and Suffolk for more than 40 years, died on 8 April after been diagnosed with pneumonia and COVID-19. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 12: D “been diagnosed” should be replaced with “being diagnosed”.

13. ‘Our wonderful dad was passed away(A)/ peacefully in hospital yesterday from a short(B)/ but courageous battle with COVID-19, (C)/said by one of the deceased. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 13: A “Was passed away” should be replaced with “passed away”.

14. One of the judges(A)/ has to say that the deceased baffled(B)/ as to the extent that(C)/ he has to take such a step. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 14: B “Deceased baffled” should be replaced with “deceased got/was baffled”.

15. At least 11 doctors and more than 30 healthcare workers(A)/ in total are now believing to have died (B)/in the UK after being infected with coronavirus(C)/ since the beginning of the pandemic. (D)/ No error(E)

Sol 15: B  “Are now believing” should be replaced with “are now believed”.

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