Fill in the Blanks for SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS PO/Clerk, RBI, LIC & other exams

Directions (1-5): In following questions given below there are two statements, each statement consists of two blanks. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits both the blanks in both the statements appropriately and in the same order making them meaningful and grammatically correct. 


(1) In many situations, remaining silent is __________to admitting guilt, so speak to prove your________.

(2) This is _____________ to an assumption that Raghu is doing all this to let everyone aware about his ___________.

(a) Tantamount, innocence

(b) Redundant, Duress

(c) Reckoning, bondage

(d) Reign, autonomy

(e) Dominion, volition


(1) After her third pet dog died, Maria was simply___________: this time even the possibility of buying a new dog no longer held any_____.

(2) Early morning, ________ figures at bus stops might take away your ______.

(a) Tenant, indecency

(b) Swagger, Abate

(c) Forlorn, joy

(d) Ecstasy, Haste

(e) Diluted, Vibrant


(1) Shakespeare is an ___________author in the English language, but I find his writing uninteresting and_________.

(2) Despite of being an_________ psychologist he used to show his ________________ behavior during the treatment with his patients.

(a) Eclectic, ambiguous

(b) Eulogy, Agitating

(c) Intrigue, Fervor

(d) Eminent, melodramatic

(e) Eccentric, Vicious


(1) The rise of the computer was an ____________ shift in technology and ______________.

(2) The dispute among different religions was ____________because of the increasing differences in________.

(a) Intolerable, invention

(b) Introvert, Fashion

(c) Insurmountable, strategy

(d) Inseparable, vulture

(e) Inexorable, culture


(1) Count Rumford _________ the new theory of heat, demonstrating that it was wholly ________________ to explain the observations.

(2) He was __________ by the opposition though, the latter had __________ knowledge in the field.

(a) Denigrated, inadequate

(b) Daunted, improper

(c) Dappled, insufficient

(d) Daubed, outwit

(e) Danube, unable


S1. Ans. (a)

Sol. Tantamount- equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as.

Reckoning- the action or process of calculating or estimating something.

Reign- hold royal office; rule as monarch.

Hence, the option (a) is the correct answer

S2. Ans. (c)

Sol. Indecency- indecent behavior.

Abate- Something unpleasant or severe) become less intense or widespread.

Forlorn- pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.

Ecstasy- an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.

Hence, the option (c) is the correct answer.

S3. Ans. (d)
Sol. Eclectic- deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources
Eulogy- a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, especially a tribute to someone who has just died.
Intrigue-arouse the curiosity or interest of; fascinate
Eminent- (of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere
Melodramatic- characteristic of melodrama, especially in being exaggerated or overemotional
Vicious- deliberately cruel or violent
Hence, the option (d) is the correct answer.

S4. Ans. (e)

Sol.  Inexorable- impossible to stop or prevent.

Vulture- a large bird of prey with the head and neck more or less bare of feathers.

Insurmountable- too great to be overcome.

Fashion and Invention has nothing to do with the difference in religions or rise of the computer.

Hence, the option (e) is the correct answer.

S5. Ans. (a)

Sol. Denigrated- criticize unfairly; disparage.

Inadequate- lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.

Daunted- make (someone) feel intimidated or apprehensive.

Dappled- marked with spots or rounded patches.

Daubed- carelessly coat or smear (a surface) with a thick or sticky substance.

Hence, the option (a) is the correct answer.

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